Gigi Jennifer Moser is a Women’s Empowerment Coach & Strategic Mentor who helps you Get Your Sparkle ON! 

She has been featured on Blog Talk Radio  and a VIP speaker and presenter for National Association of Professional Women 

As a  Registered Respiratory Therapist, Medical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Energy Healer using Access Consciousness (R) she helps clients, patients, caretakers and family members get INSPIRED into new mindsets for better coping, less distress, even reducing or eliminated debilitating symptoms and/or conditions. She especially helps WOMEN like you to ACTIVATE their manifesting magic and “Live YOUR Extraordinary, BIG Life!”

Having used the same tools and mindset strategies she successfully eliminated her own Crohn’s Disease, distress from financial disaster (and actually changed my whole money story!), managed BiPolar Disorder and eliminated both anxiety and PTSD. She has also employed the same tools and mindsets while effectively caring for her aging and dying parents without overwhelm or the ‘Distress of Sacrifice’ common in these situations. She now shares the same gifts and tools for all to THRIVE.  

Gigi is a PORTAL to POSSIBILITIES for her audiences and a yummy invitation to… “What more is possible for your life, that you have yet allowed yourself to have or BE?”

She takes audiences on experiential rides using the power of their minds and imaginations.  If your body or spirit are “hurting” and the calling within you is making you “feel” so much tension it is causing reoccurring symptoms, situations and illness then her unique shifts of perspective and open, honest vulnerability along with life experience in a myriad of arenas contributes endless seeds of transformation.

She is a funny, straight shooter who grew up in the unique situation of being an ONLY child of two ONLY children in a home where the TV was never OFF and “reality” was what we “consumed” through the marketing magic of TV hypnosis. 

Through some life and death WAKE UP calls answered by GOD, Gigi found a way to undo the hypnosis of childhood that had led her to illness, depression, failed relationships and living paycheck to paycheck and into a life of Joy, Freedom, Ease & Wealth.

To listen to one of the podcasts she has guested on click here:

(Gigi comes on at the 4 minute mark)

Would you like Gigi to entertain and inspire your group with stories, tips and tools?

Gigi Moser International  |  Address: Living in California and Kauai, but Serving the World!  |  PHONE: 707-695-0153

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Congrats on CHOOSING an World-Class Mindset to Activate & Magnetize Your Success, Freedom & Prosperity NOW with Ease and Sparkle!

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